Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beating the Drums of Olds

I had been relying on a very tired twenty-year-old sedan...

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miko said...

This post was submitted for The Friday Challenge named "I'm in Love With My Car":

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This week I also submitted a fictionalized audio telling of the "bones" of the same story. In fact, the fictional telling through the character of an old man was better received than the non-fictional writing. It seems performing a character is ultimately an act of creation similar to writing one down in words.

Since the story-telling was not written down, I found it frustrating that certain particulary nice expressions or inflections in one telling would be absent from the next. I really wanted to be able to edit the best bits from different tellings, like when writing things down. I suppose a performance is like Buddist sand art - you have to be OK with impermanence.

That the fiction came out better than the non-fiction is not too surprising, really - it makes sense that I'd be more interesting when I'm not myself. I guess that's my lesson: just like acting, the point of fiction is to be somebody else - to be more real than real.

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